Enrico Caruso - Vesti La Giubba (I Pagliacci) 00:00
Unknown - Sunderland Home Cylinder 33 02:17
Vess L. Ossman - Maple Leaf Rag 02:23
Orquesta De Enrique Peña - Los Guajiros De La Yaya 05:01
Octavio Yáñez - Anita 06:27
Ángel Villoldo - El Negro Alegre 08:34
Orquesta De Pablo Valenzuela - Happy Hobbs 10:11
Steve Porter - Flanagan's Troubles In A Restaurant 12:14
Edison Vaudeville Company - An Amateur Minstrel Rehearsal 14:25
Billy Murray - I'd Rather Two-Step Than Waltz, Bill 14:52
Peerless Trio - Three Rubes Seeing New York 15:56
Ada Jones And Len Spencer - Burying The Hatchet 17:52
Eddie Morton - That's Gratitude 18:33
Peerless Quartet - The New Parson At The Darktown Church 21:03
Ada Jones And Billy Murray - Smile, Smile, Smile 21:34
Albert Whelan - The Miser 23:51
Arthur Pryor's Band - The King Of Rags 24:14
Yolande Noble And Percy Clifton - Buying The Christmas Dinner 25:54
Zonophone Concert Band - The Smiler 26:22
Carl Lüdicke - Der Musikalische Clown 28:18
Edison-Orchester (Berlin) - Alarmierung Der Berliner Feuerwehr 29:57
Gustav Schönwald And Fraulein Vincent - Am Telephon 30:17
Steidl-Quartett - Katzenliebe 30:48
Gustav Schönwald - Nachtliches Abenteuer Eines Studenten 31:53
August Molinari - Street Piano Medley 32:41
Gilbert Girard And Len Spencer - The Vagabonds (Roger And I) 34:49
Antonio Scotti - Sortita D'amonasro 35:14
Emma Calve - Habanera from Carmen 36:01
Maria A. Mikhalova Acc. Boris S. Troyanovsky - Why Should I Live And Grieve Alone? 37:30
Dmitry Bogemsky - The Tossing Of The Steamer 39:30
Orchestra 'Harmonia', Conductor Vasily Varshavsky - Sighs 40:06
P. A. Strakhov - The Departure Of A Train 40:56
Chorus Of Terek And Kuban Cossacks Of The Guards Of The Governor Of His Imperial Majesty In Caucasus, Conductor Mikhail Kolotilin - Walking On Water 41:15
Choir Of Makvaneti - Naduri 42:09
Count Leo Tolstoy - Excerpt From 'Guidelines For Everyday Living' 43:46
Choir Of Tbilisi - Metiuri 43:54
Victor Orchestra - A Hunt In The Black Forest 44:43
Mme Rollini - Ne M' Chatouillez Pas 46:59
Bérard - Chargez 48:32
John J. Kimmel - Cakewalk 49:14
Fréjol - C' Que Tu M'as Fait 50:24
Unknown - Sunderland Home Cylinder 18 51:41
Vesta Victoria - It Ain't All Honey And It Ain't All Jam 52:10
Edison Vaudeville Company - At The Village Post Office 53:19
Florrie Forde - I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside 53:42
Ada Jones - I'm In Love With The Slide Trombone 55:30
Edith Helena - Cavalleria Rusticana. Intermezzo; Arr. 57:42
Edison Venetian Trio - Sonoma 59:36
Gramophone Orchestra, Conductor I. P. Arkadev - The Music Box 59:49
Picolines Duet - Two Little Finches 1:00:43
Arthur Pryor's Band - The Lion Chase 1:01:35
Banda De Policía - Álbum Recreativo Variacones De Saxofón Soprano 1:04:55
Antonio Hidalgo - Un Meeting De Raza 1:06:48
Martin Silveira - Nueva York 1:07:15
Arturo De Nava - Décimas Del Sargento 1:08:31
Uncredited Ensemble - Khaek Lopburi 1:09:42
Albert Benzler - The Chapel In The Woods 1:11:11
Alice Shaw & Her Twin Daughters - Spring-Tide Revels 1:12:10
George Islon - Christmas Eve In The Old Homestead 1:12:57
Billy Murray - So What's The Use? 1:13:23
Percy Clifton - Dick Whittington 1:16:27
Edward M. Favor - Theodore 1:16:47
Choir Of The Royal Court Opera With Orchestra And Church Bells, Acc. Harmonium, Bells - Silent Night, Holy Night 1:18:47

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Williams & Walker are a great deal to blame for being the originators and establishing the name “coon” upon our race. They met a white man in San Francisco by the name of McConnell, who put them on the circuit. In order to achieve success and to attract the attention of the public they branded themselves as “the two real coons.” Their names, accompanied with “coon” songs, were soon heralded North, East, South and West…. Williams & Walker and Ernest Hogan were not old enough then to know the harm they had brought on the whole race. They needed the money, what little they received, and the white people needed the laugh [and made the money]. Colored men in general took no offense at the proceedings and laughed as heartily on hearing a “coon” song as the whites. But where the rub came is when the colored was called a “coon” outside of the [theater].

“Coon Songs Must Go,” Editorial in "Freeman", Jan. 2, 1909

Before I got through with 'Nobody', I could have wished that both the author of the words and the assembler of the tune had been strangled or drowned... 'Nobody' was a particularly hard song to replace.

Bert Williams

It's a tough gig to be the bridge to a much-needed change. The old guard will consider you a heretic, the next generation will view you as a link to an embarrassing past. Bert Williams is not only the first black star of the 20th century, he stands alone in the world of 1900s popular music, a figure to define the decade as much as Caruso. These days perhaps that's all the attention he gets - a paragraph in black histories, vaudeville histories, cultural histories of the progressive era, a footnote in histories of ragtime and jazz. But, here's the thing, his music is still with us! This mix features his signature piece, 'Nobody', a brilliant piece of work which showcases his dry wit, laconic delivery and universally-relatable humanity in an era of grotesque, lazy stereotypes. He would go on to make several other recordings of the song, but none would capture its essence quite as well. The mix also features two other Bert Williams songs - Pretty Desdemona, performed with backing from his stage parter George Walker, and He's a Cousin of Mine, written by Chris Smith and performed here by Bob Roberts, but made famous by Williams. We also have the final recording from the last generation's great black singer, George W Johnson.

The other great pioneering black musician of the era was, of course, Scott Joplin, whose music has lasted a great deal better than Williams', even if not in the form it would have been heard in at the time. Joplin was more well-known as a writer than a performer, so we have no recordings of him playing, but his 'Maple Leaf Rag' was already selling enough copies to guarantee him an income for the rest of his short life. Though it was composed initially for the piano, it was a popular piece with both upworld brass bands and underworld dance bands, the like of which we will later hear mutating into early jazz. Here it's performed in a surprisingly swinging fashion (that is, perhaps 2% swinging) by Sousa's United States Marine Band.

1906 was also an important year for the way music was consumed. For the last decade both cylinders and disc records had been played on devices with large external horns. These worked well enough, but were large and ungainly, the focus of a parlour whether in use or not, and liable to be damaged by minor knocks. Victor, by now a major player on the scene, introduced a new phonograph named the "Victrola" which folded the horn down into the base of a large, luxurious cabinet designed by the Pooley Furniture Company of Philadelphia. Though the victrola was very expensive - more than double the price of other gramophones - it was an immediate success, and would be the standard design for the next couple of decades. In a sense it's a minor change, but it turned the gramophone from a novelty into a standard piece of household equipment, a democratisation which would broaden the audience enough to mean that recorded music was no longer the preserve of dedicated enthusiasts.


Herr Dr. Professor & George Donahue - Bringing In 1906 0:00
Bert Williams - Nobody 0:18
Ada Jones And Len Spencer - Bashful Henry And His Lovin' Lucy 3:00
United States Marine Band - Maple Leaf Rag 3:24
Edison Minstrels - At The Minstrel Show no. 3 5:17
Vess L. Ossman - Medley Little Bit Of Everything 5:57
Prince's Military Band - Destruction Of San Francisco 8:01
General William Booth - Don't Forget 9:36
Edison Concert Band - Chopin's Funeral March 9:54
Orchestra Of The Republican Guard - Dawn With Torches 10:15
Marianna Cherkasskaya, Nina Panina, Acc. Orchestra - Already The Evening Enfolds The Distant Fields 12:00
Alexander Davydov - Hermann's Appearance In The Countess's Bedroom 13:22
Mlle Korsoff - Il Bacio (Arditi) 15:24
Richard Waldemar - Der Fensterputzer- 1. Teil 18:12
Leo Tolstoy - Thoughts From The Book 'for Every Day' 18:50
Selma Kurz, Acc. Orchestra - The Bird In The Forest 19:05
Arthur Pryor's Band - Carmen Selection 20:07
Siegel-Myers School Of Music - Vocal Record F 22:40
Bob Roberts - He's A Cousin Of Mine 23:04
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh At The Roller Skating Rink 25:09
Charles P. Lowe And The Columbia Symphony Orchestra - Medley Of Popular Airs 25:20
Len Spencer & George W Johnson - The Merry Mail Man 26:31
Edison Male Quartet - Stop That Knocking At The Door 27:44
Harry Spencer - Sale Of Pawnbroker's Goods 28:37
Albert Muller (Xylophone) With Orchestra - Katie 28:55
Ada Jones and Len Spencer - Mandy And Her Man 32:08
Ada Jones - Waiting At The Church 32:20
Two Unidentified Men - Black Wax Home Recording Of Two Unidentified Men Singing And Laughing 33:25
Ebrahim, Royal Orchestra - Bidad (Homayun) 33:44
Hopi Indians - Eagle Song 34:54
Ajukutôk’ - Kayak-song 35:36
3 women and 3 men - Traditional song 36:00
Patápio Silva - Primeiro Amor 36:08
Vengopal Chari - Laughing 37:24
Boris S. Troyanovsky - Mazurka No 4 37:35
G.Marenich, A.Leverenko, Ryabtzov - Three Paths Across The Field 38:55
John Taylor - Speed The Plow Reel 39:50
Thomas A. Edison - The Liver Complaint Story 41:08
Bohumir Kryl - Sing, Smile, Slumber 42:02
Polish Band - Down The Petersky 43:43
Dranem - Le Gardien Des Ruines 45:36
Charlus - S'ils Parlaient 46:23
Albert Benzler - Spoontime 47:44
Len Spencer And Alfred Holt - Barnyard Serenade 48:45
Helen Trix - The Bird On Nellies Hat 49:03
Edison Concert Band - Old Heidelberg 50:16
James C. Mcauliffe - The Minstrel Boy 52:20
The Scots Guard Pipers - Sword Dance 53:23
Mah Thane May - Yodaya Bwe Gyi 54:32
Miss Gauhar Jan - Hindustani Female Song 56:08
Professor N. M. Chuckerbutty Of Calcutta - Esraj Instrumental- Bahar Kawali 57:21
Nebe-Quartett - O du fröhliche, o du selige Weihnachtszeit 58:41
Nebe-Quartett - Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht 59:34
Columbia Quartette - Steamboat Medley 1:00:29
John J. Kimmel - American Cake Walk 1:00:46
Billy Murray And The Edison Male Quartet - Lazy Moon 1:02:01
Ossman Dudley Trio - St. Louis Tickle 1:03:47
Columbia Band - An Arkansaw Husking Bee 1:05:57
Edward Meeker And Joseph Belmont - Song Of The Nations 1:07:56
Eugene C. Rose - La Traviata- concert Waltz 1:09:45
Figure Five Orchestra - Lanciers From Miss Dolly Dollars 1:11:50
G. H. Chirgwin - A Few Eccentric Gaglets 1:13:40
Herbert Lincoln Clarke And Leo Zimmerman - Cousins 1:14:07
National Military Band - The Girl In The Train 1:14:47
Bert Williams - Pretty Desdamone 1:16:14
Len Spencer - Meister's Musical Masterpiece 1:18:55

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When we imagine the future, we often imagine new technologies, but we rarely take the time to consider how those technologies will change how we live our lives, or how we see the world. When the internet started becoming popular towards the end of the 1990s, who could have ever predicted what it would do to us in the next couple of decades. It turns out that connecting people in more and more effective ways didn't lead to a paradise of self-awareness, empathy and knowledge, but did lead to content bubbles, anonymous trolling, the devaluing of not just journalism but truth itself.

Once created, a technology does not merely slip out of our control; it feeds back round into our souls. And the phonograph is no exception. No sooner had it begun to record than it began to influence, and then to homogenise. As much as the railway led to a unification of time zones and a dampening of regional accents, the phonograph turned an infinitely complex musical world into one where artists operated within genres, were influenced on micro and macro levels by famous recording artists, then reflected back these influences as they developed into the next generation of artists. Soon we will see genres springing up - not just in America, but around the world - with astonishing rapidity.

We are too late to witness the first examples of this in the USA, and the pig-headed refusal to seek talent outside of a small group of professional recording artists doesn't help matters at all. Around the world, on the other hand, academics and musicans with an interest in exploration were beginning to travel around with portable phonographs, recording in hard-to-reach places with incredibly rich musical traditions, before any of the artists involved had a chance to be affected by this turbo-charged system of influence. 1905 saw the appointment of Erich Moritz von Horn-bostel as director of the Berliner Phonogramm-Archiv, the world's first collection of ethnomusicological recordings. Professor Felix von Luschan was one of the first to take a phonograph with him on an expedition - to Sendshirli in present-day Turkey. Other members of the archive travelled to Turkestan, Mexico, Cameroon, Melanesia and many other places, armed only with a phonograph and a box of blank wax cylinders. These recordings then formed the basis of the new fields of comparative musicology and ethnomusicology.

I can tell you very little as to what these researchers thought of the music they collected - how they understood it, whether they thought it somehow inferior to the western musical tradition. All I can say is that they seem to have acted in a more scientific manner than had previously been seen, collecting music as they found it rather than in a contrived way for a pre-concieved record-buying audience. As such, the recordings are nothing short of revelatory, "world music" as we will never be able to hear it again.

This month's mix is then a bit different from previous mixes. We start in the USA and finish there, but in the middle we spend the majority of our time traveling to a huge variety of different places, some of them with music which I hope you find as eye-opening as I do.


Russell Hunting - Casey Listening To The Phonograph 0:00
Arthur Pryor's Band - A Coon Band Contest 0:12
Bernhard Hagen - Walze 10: Zauberformeln Gesungen Von Malim 2:30
Edison Concert Band - Skeleton Dance 2:47
Len Spencer - The Transformation Scene From "Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde" 4:50
Albert Benzler, Henry Nesbit, And The Edison Military Band - Monastery Bells 6:12
Banda De Zapadores De Mexico - La Paloma 7:19
Juan De Dios Peza - Mi Padre 9:27
Higinio Cazón - Recuerdos 9:37
Gabino Ezeiza - Cosmopolísimo 10:59
Trio Instrumental Arriaga - La Dolores - Jota 12:17
Herrera Robinson Y Picazo - La Paloma Azul 14:20
Mario Pinheiro - A Boceta De Rapé 15:30
Los Montegrins De La Foncella Di Montegri - Queen Of The Flowers 18:47
Unknown Performer - I Lamenti De Un Venditore Di Giornali 20:41
Pablo De Sarasate - Caprice Basque Op.24 20:58
Professor A. Lloyd James - Francis Bacon's "On Studies" 23:34
Maria A. Mikhailova, Acc. Maria Hamowetzkaya - Ave Maria 23:52
Padre Agustino - Predica Di Padre Agustino- L'addio 26:17
Nellie Melba - Lucia Di Lammermoor 26:38
Maria A. Mikhailova - Thou Brilliant Bird 28:02
Edgar L. Davenport - Lasca (Excerpt 1) 29:46
Virgilio Ranzati - Intermezzo From Op. 'Rural Honor' 29:58
Vengopal Chari - Different Kind Of Motor Car Noises 31:44
Edison Concert Band - The Auto Race 32:00
Ada Jones And Len Spencer - Fishing 33:53
Harry Lauder - I Love A Lassie 34:30
Arthur Collins - The Preacher And The Bear 36:19
Arthur Collins - The Goose-Bone Man 38:17
Donna & Gladys Of Albina - Souvenir Record From The Lewis & Clark Exposition 38:38
Edward M. Favor - Fol-De-Rol-Lol 38:54
Len Spencer And Parke Hunter - The Professor And The Musical Tramp 40:44
Billy Murray - Give My Regards To Broadway 41:20
Billy Murray And Bob Roberts - I've Got A Little Money And I Saved It All For You 42:42
Bohumir Kryl - King Carnival 43:35
Unknown - Discorso Del Tenente Generale Galliano - A Makalle 45:29
Garde Republicaine Orchestra, Clarinet Solo By Lefebvre - Fantaisie from Rigoletto 45:39
Sofie Roeder - Mazurka 46:38
G-N Marko Ivanov - Ne Plachi Maiko Ne Zhali 47:28
Harmonies Orchestra Of V.S.Varshavsky - Kamarinskaya 48:08
Nikolay Malsky - A Woman Vagabond At The Doctor's 49:11
Professor Barkatullah Khan - Indian Guitar Instrumental- Piloo 49:19
Bangalore Nagaratnam - Nitya-Kalyani (Part III) Ragamalika 51:50
Tiruvasanallur Narayanasami Iyer - Pallavi Sankarabharanam-Adhi Talam 54:19
Pryor's Orchestra - The Whistler And His Dog 54:50
Unknown Performer(s) - Una Prova In Orchestra- Scena Comica 56:11
Arthur Pryor's Band - Razazza Mazzazza 57:14
Herbert L. Clarke And John Hazel - The Friendly Rivals 59:08
John Lawson's Dramatic Company - Scene From Play 'Humanity' 1:00:36
Rogers And Pryor - Misere From Il Trovatore 1:01:10
Ada Jones And Len Spencer - Louis And Lena At Luna Park 1:02:27
Ada Jones - My Carolina Lady 1:02:57
Okofu From Logba - Five Proverbs, Drummed In The Twi Language 1:04:51
Nellie Melba - Good-Bye 1:05:22
Edgar L. Davenport - Lasca (Excerpt 2) 1:06:02


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Edison Modern Minstrels - Louisiana Minstrels 0:00
Bohumir Kryl - Sweet Sixteen Waltz 0:05
Len Spencer - Lincoln's Speech At Gettysburg 2:08
Vess L. Ossman - The Darkie's Awakening 2:27
Byron G. Harlan And Frank C. Stanley - Two Rubes At The Vaudeville 4:43
W. W. Whitlock - Come Under My New Gamp 4:54
Albert C. Campbell & Bob Roberts - An Interrupted Courtship On The Elevated Railroad 6:57
Albert Sandler Trio - Kashmiri Song (Four Indian Love Lyrics) 7:30
Charlus - La Noce Du Chef D'orchestre 10.53
Grisard - Une Visite Au Jardin Des Plantes 11.35
Paul Fayol - Bonsoir Mam'zelle 12:36
Harry Fragson - L'anglais Triste 14:47
Harry Fragson - Le Flegme 15:14
Jean Péheu - Au Premier De Ces Messieurs 17:06
Léonne Et Willekens - Chez Le Dentiste 18:35
M. Bergeret - Chant D'afrique 19:16
Performers Unknown - Les Deux Pinsons 21:12
Martin Bendix - Eine Feine Familie 23:20
Kaiser Franz Garde-Grenadier Regiment Nr. 2 - Mill In Schwarzwald 23:46
Anonymous - Two Visitors to the St Louis Worlds Fair 25:11
J.W. Myers - Come Take A Trip In My Airship 25:28
Albert Benzler - Come Take A Trip In My Airship Medley 26:21
Len Spencer - Reuben Haskin's Ride On The Cyclone Auto 27:42
Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan - Woah, Bill! 27:58
Edison Military Band - Good Humor Quadrille 2nd Figure 29:43
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh And The Insurance Agent 31:22
Unknown - Lumbering Luke (Concertina Solo) 32:00
Booker T. Washington - The Atlanta Compromise Speech 32:35
Enrico Caruso - Una Furtiva Lagrima 33:02
Alessandro Moreschi - Ave Maria 36:20
Mary Garden - Chant Vénitien 39:29
Antonina Nezhdanova - La Tenera Parola 40:40
Isabel Jay - Poor Wandering One 41:34
Gypsy Choir Of V.V.Panina - Sasa Grisha 43:25
R.H. Robinson - Jarabe Tapatio 45:24
Orquesta Tipica Lerdo - Consentida 46:30
Haydn Quartet - New Years At Old Trinity 47:28
John Hazel, Frank R. Seltzer And The Edison Military Band - Two Of Us 48:01
Burt Shepard - The Boy And The Cheese 49:31
Billy Murray - I Can't Do That Sum 49:47
Unknown Performer - Backyard Conversation Between Two [Jealous] Irish Washerwomen 50:47
Arthur Pryor's Band - Mignon Overture 50:58
Byron G. Harlan And Frank C. Stanley - An Evening Call In Jayville Center 53:15
Fontbonne, L - Chasse Aux Papillons 53:15
Sir Harry Lauder - Tattie Soup 54:02
Edison Symphony Orchestra - Down Tennessee - Descriptive Barn Dance 55:04
Edison Modern Minstrels - Georgia Minstrels 55:53
Frank S. Mazziotta - Bluette 56:16
Cal Stewart And Ada Jones - Uncle Josh's Courtship 57:18
Unknown Performer - La Chanson Des Nids 57:35
Albert Whelan - Scrooge's Awakening 58:23
Edison Male Quartet - Breeze Of The Night 58:39

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Bohumir Kryl - Arbucklenian Polka 0:00
Collins & Harlan - Cat And The Fly Paper 2:00
Arthur Collins - Any Rags 2:21
Charles Prince's Band - Any Rags 4:17
Len Spencer - Reuben Haskins' Ride On A Cyclone Auto (1) 5:49
Vesta Victoria - Riding On A Motor Car 7:07
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh On An Automobile 8:50
Edison Military Band - Secret Polka (John Hazel Cornet) 9:26
Harlan & Stanley - Waiting For The Dinner Horn To Blow 11:27
Orchestra 'Harmonia' - Ruthenian Gopak 11:37
Fanny Cochrane Smith - Only recording of extinct full-blood Tasmanian aborigine 13:26
B.S. Troyanovsky - Mazurka 13:32
Romanchenko Duet - Nastya And Vanya 15:02
Natalia Tamara - Troika 16:17
Ivan Ershov - Ho-Ho, Ho Hei, Forging Song With Anvil 17:56
Antonio Vargas - Toreador Song From Carmen 18:20
Enrico Caruso - La Donna E Mobile 19:18
Enrico Caruso - Tosca, E Lucevan Le Stelle 20:24
Nellie Melba - Chant Venitien (Bemberg) 21:43
Pope Leo XIII - Ave Maria 23:12
Gilmore's Band - Introduction To 3rd Act (Wagner - Lohengrin) 23:43
Harlan & Stanley - Two Rubes In An Eating House 24:33
Edison Symphony Orchestra - A Lucky Duck 24:49
Grisard - Les Canards Tyroliens 26:00
Len Spencer - Making The Fiddle Talk 27:28
Vess L. Ossman - Razzle Dazzle 29:07
Dan Leno - Going To The Races 31:08
Dan W. Quinn - The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous 31:58
Aeolian Piano Roll 3113 from The Wizard Of Oz - Poppy Song 33:03
Haydn Quartet - Camp Of The Hoboes 34:00
Lillie Langtry - On The Margate Boat 34:14
William A. Moriarity - Llewellyn March 35:53
Peerless Orchestra - Ma Ragtime Baby 38:02
Sam Mayo - Bread And Marmalade 39:02
Julian Rose - Hebrew Vaudeville Specialty 41:50
Anon - Bondei Xyolophone Piece (Tanganyika) 42:24
Qasim - Lagu Nuri Terbang Malam 43:01
Bahiano - Lundu Do Baiano 43:36
Damrosch Orchestra - Toreador Song 45:11
Russian Chorus Of E.I. Ivanov - The Volga Troika 46:27
The Imperial Court Ensemble - Seigaiha 47:42
George J. Gaskin - The Bassoon 48:58
Bohumir Kryl - National Fantasia 50:54
Leo A. Zimmerman - Leona Polka 52:47
Len Spencer And Parke Hunter - The Banjo Evangelist 53:56
Zonofone Orchestr - 740 54:20
Harlan & Stanley - Scene In A Country Store 55:40
Albert Bode Trumpet & Columbia Band - Seashell Waltz 55:58
British Military Band - Intermezzo (Mascagni - Cavalleria Rusticana) 57:33
Len Spencer - Reuben Haskins' Ride On A Cyclone Auto (2) 59:40

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Charles D' Almaine - Down At Finnegan's Jamboree (Excerpt 1) 0:00
Sousa's Band - Trombone Sneeze 0:10
Campbell & Roberts - An Interrupted Courtship On The Elevated Railway 2:13
Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan - I'm A-Dreaming Of You 2:35
Collins & Harlan - Two Rubes In A Tavern 4:35
Bohumir Kryl - Carnival Of Venice 5:03
Charles P. Lowe - Carnival Of Venice 6:57
Len Spencer And Gilbert Girard - Daybreak At Calamity Farm 8:44
Edison Military Band - Lizard And The Frog 9:11
International Phonographic Language School - Spanish Lesson #9 11:12
Vess L. Ossman - Darkies Awakening 11:30
Charles D' Almaine - Down At Finnegan's Jamboree (Excerpt 2) 13:42
Billy Murray - Under The Anheuser-Bush 14:58
Len Spencer - 23rd Psalm 16:46
Choir Of A. A. Arkhangelsky - Axion Esti 17:11
Salomea Kruszelnicka - Vissi D'arte (Puccini) 18:50
Alessandro Moreschi - Crucifixus (Rossini) 20:09
Enrico Caruso - Una Furtiva Lagrima (Donizetti - Elisir D' Amore) 22:40
M.A.A.Mikhailova And A.Semenov - Serenada 24:20
Len Spencer - The Lord's Prayer 27:05
Instrumental Trio - Abkhazuri, Kabardinskiy Tanetz 27:23
Abdal Ali - Death Lament 28:32
Peking Opera - Old Valet Carries Master's Letter 29:25
Performer Not Given - Japanese Song 30:17
American Quartet - A Meeting Of The Limekiln Club 30:55
Edison Symphony Orchestra - Down On The Old Plantation 31:23
Invincible Quartet - On Board The Oregon 32:44
Edison Symphony Orchestra - Old Folks At Home (Suwanee River) 33:05
Burt Shepard - Parody On 'Suwanee River' 34:44
Byron G Harlan & Joe Belmont - Merry Farmer Boy 36:09
Joe Belmont - Bird Imitations 37:40
Georg Tramer - Czardas 38:11
Cal Stewart - Fire Department 39:14
Arthur Collins - Under The Bamboo Tree 40:06
Invincible Quartet - Fireman's Duty 42:10
Dinwiddie Colored Quartet - Poor Mourner 42:50
Dinwiddie Colored Quartet - Down On The Old Camp Ground 43:53
Haydn Quartet - Owl And The Pussy Cat 44:44
International Phonographic Language School - Italian Lesson #7 45:38
Little Russian Choir Conducted By A. Romanchenko - Since The Time I Got Married 45:47
Byron G. Harlan And Frank C. Stanley - The First Rehearsal For The Huskin' Bee 46:43
Columbia Band - Arkansaw Husking Bee 47:00
George P Watson - Alpine Specialty 48:33
William Tuson - Nellie Gray 49:42
Victor Minstrel Company - On The Levee 51:12
J. Frank Hopkins. - Medley Of Reels 51:24
Invincible Quartet - Night Trip To Buffalo 53:31
Banda Da Casa Edison - Hino Nacional 53:48
Columbia Band - Reminiscences Of Scotland 54:11
Len Spencer - Arkansas Traveler 54.53
Will F Denny - Parody On ' Widow's Plea For Her Son' 55:08
Len Spencer - Arkansas Traveler 57:13
Prof D Wormser - Heimweh 57:22
Bohumir Kryl - Russian Fantasia 58:19

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Arthur Pryor with Sousa's Band - The Patriot 0:00
Bert Williams - All Going Out And Nothin Coming In 3:04
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh's Huskin' Bee Dance 5:46
Kendle's First Regiment Band - Cotton Blossoms 6:11
Dan Leno - Huntsman 8:55
Orkestr Garmoniy - Vo Sadu Li v Ogorode 9:18
Chanté Par Polin - La Dernière Carotte 10:48
Sousa's Band - Pasquinale 11:27
Len Spencer - Scene At A Dog Fight 13:23
Gilmore's Band - Poet And Peasant Overture 14:34
Steve Porter - Backyard Conversation Between Two Irish Washerwomen 16:43
Burt Shepard - When The Gentle Breezes Blow 16:55
Silas Leachman - Truscalina Brown 18:44
Chimes - Nearer My God To Thee 21:46
Columbia Band - El Miserere (Il Trovatore) 22:50
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh At The Opera 25:45
Leonid Sobinov - La Donna è Mobile 26:10
Irene Abendroth - 5 Romanzen Und Lieder, Op. 84- No. 4. Vergebliches Standchen 28:04
Maria A. Mikhailova - Charmant Oiseau 29:53
Feodor Stepanov & Mikhail Volf-Izrael - Nocturne, Op 56 No 4 32:47
John C Martin - Arbucklenian Polka 35:42
Len Spencer & Gilbert Girard - The Imperial Minstrels 36:52
Metropolitan Orchestra - Impecunious Davis 37:03
Edison Concert Band - Commercial Traveller's March 39:10
Hager's Band - Oriole Polka 40:31
Len Spencer - Con Clancy's Christening 42:37
S.H. Dudley - The Whistling Girl 42:48
Polin - La Boiteuse Du Régiment 44:58
Peter Nevsly - Polka / Kamarinskaya 47:56
Gryunert, S.I.Bol'm - Fantaziya 50:37
Kin'nosuke - Tokiwazu ; Modoribashi 51:27
Peerless Orchestra - Birds And The Brook 53:02
Williams & Walker - I Don't Like That Face You Wear 54:09
Edison Quartet - Sleigh Ride Party - Jingle Bells 56:58

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Emperor Franz Joseph - Oldest Magnetic Recording On Poulsen 0:00
Edison Concert Band - Champaign Gallop 0:09
Film Soundtrack - Cyrano de Bergerac 2:11
Edison Grand Concert Band - Mr. Thomas Cat 2:36
Arthur W Haddon - Brown Wax Home Recording Of Talking 4:41
Vess L Ossman - A Coon Band Contest 5:03
Sousa's Band - A Coon Band Contest 7:18
American Quartet - A Night Trip To Buffalo (Excerpt 1) 9:05
Arthur Collins - The Mick Who Threw The Brick 9:26
American Quartet - A Night Trip To Buffalo (Excerpt 2) 10:31
Charles P. Lowe - Brilliant Gallop 11.08
Len Spencer & George Schweinfest - The Arkansaw Traveler (Excerpt 1) 13:15
Will F. Denny - Doing His Duty-Ooty 13:27
Len Spencer & George Schweinfest - The Arkansaw Traveler (Excerpt 2) 15:41
George Schweinfest - Robin Adair 15:54
Len Spencer & George Schweinfest - The Arkansaw Traveler (Excerpt 3) 17:12
Charles D' Almaine - Polish National Dance 17:28
Aumonier - Le Cor 19:36
Paul Daraux - Les Myrtes Sont Fletries 22:01
Choir with Alessandro Moreschi - Tui Sunt Coeli 23:26
William Jennings Bryan - Imperialism Speech (Excerpt) 25:48
Peter Dawson - The Miner's Dream Of Home 26:10
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh In A Chinese Laundry 29:54
Oppakekepei - Kawakami Noburo Isao 31:04
Siam Theater Ensemble (Berlin) - Kham Hom 32:30
Harry Spencer - The Absent-Minded Beggar (Kipling) 34:22
Edison Male Quartet - Vesper Service 35:30
William F. Hooley - A Record For The Children 36:38
Arthur Collins - Mandy Lee 37:18
Frank Kennedy - Schultz At The Paris Exposition 40:51
Peerless Orchestra - Hail To The Spirit Of Liberty 41:26
Wilson Gabo, Cora Gabo And Unidentified Accompanists - Brown Wax Home Recording Of Harmonica Solo Talking 43:40
Vess L Ossman - The Old Folks At Home 45:04
Performer Not Given - Brown Wax Home Recording 47:27

Direct download: 1900.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:39pm EDT

Len Spencer - Promotional Message On The Edison Phonograph (Extract 1) 0:00
Arthur Collins - Hello, Ma Baby 0:58
Len Spencer - Promotional Message On The Edison Phonograph (Extract 2) 3:26
Vess L. Ossman - Little Bit Of Everything 4:33
S. H. Dudley & Arthur Collins - Three Minutes With The Minstrels (Extract) 7:00
Edison Concert Band - Second Connecticut March 7:24
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh And The Lightning Rod Agent 8:53
Jean Moeremans And Jacques L. Van Poucke - Polka Variata 10:20
B. Russell Throckmorton - The White Man's Burden (Kipling) (Extract 1) 11.51
Anton Arensky - Arensky- An Der Quelle In A, Op. 46, No. 1 12.16
B. Russell Throckmorton - The White Man's Burden (Kipling) (Extract 2) 13:00
Columbia Orchestra - The Lime-Kiln Club 13:46
Edison Minstrels - Minstrel Potpourri (Extract 1) 16:27
Edison Quartette - Sunshine Will Come Again 16:39
Edison Minstrels - Minstrel Potpourri (Extract 2) 18:56
Will F. Denny - You Can't Think Of Everything 19:11
Billy Golden - Rabbit Hash (Extract) 20:08
A. L. Sweet - Arbucklenian Polka 20:16
Imperial Minstrels – Upon The Golden Shore (Extract) 21:39
Columbia Drum, Fife and Bugle Corps - the Girl I Left Behind Me 21:54
Peerless Orchestra - Admiral Dewey's Arrival In New York 22:47
Orchestra - The Mosquito Parade 23:49
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh At A Baseball Game 25:43
James C. Mcauliffe - Mrs. Mccloud's Reel 26:14
Peerless Orchestra - Ma Ragtime Baby 27:39
Len Spencer - Auction Sale-Household Goods (Extract 1) 29:44
Unidentified Barrel Organist - Street Piano Number Two 30:29
Len Spencer - Auction Sale-Household Goods (Extract 2) 31:55
Dan W Quinn - Glorious Beer 32:32
Len Spencer - Auction Sale-Household Goods (Extract 3) 33:34
W. C. Townsend - The Pixies 33:54
++William Jefferson (Len Spencer) - Cinderella (Extract 1) 35:43
Albert Benzler - Tell Me With Your Eyes Medley 36:25
++William Jefferson (Len Spencer) - Cinderella (Extract 2) 37:23
Jacques L. Van Poucke - Fantaisie Variée 38:02
++William Jefferson (Len Spencer) - Cinderella (Extract 3) 39:18
Joseph P. Cullen And William G. Collins - Twin Star March 40:11
+Sig. Adamini - Los Ojos Negros 41:26
Vess L. Ossman - Whistling Rufus 44:24
Peerless Orchestra. - Whistling Rufus 46:58
Roger Harding & Steve Porter - The Imperial Minstrels (Extract 1) 49:24
Joseph P. Cullen And William G. Collins - Twin Star March 49:38
May Kelso - Because 50:52
Roger Harding & Steve Porter - The Imperial Minstrels (Extract 2) 52:36
Jean Moeremans - The Little Speranza 52:53
George P. Watson - Snyder, Does Your Mother Know You're Out? 54:27
Orchestre Boldi - L'amour Et La Vie À Vienne 56:48
Unidentified Chimes - Home, Sweet Home 59:35

Direct download: 1899.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:43am EDT

A. L. Sweet - Bugle Call
Vess L. Ossman - Bunch of Rags
Garrett A. Hobart - Words Of Welcome
Arthur Collins - Zizzy Ze Zum Zum
Harry Spencer - Side Show Shouter
Edison Brass Quartet - At A Georgia Camp Meeting
Dan W Quinn - At A Georgia Camp Meeting
Gilmore's Band - At A Georgia Camp Meeting
William Jennings Bryan - Crown Of Thorns And Cross Of Gold
George Rosey's Orchestra Of New York City - Cotillion March
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh On A Street Car
Sousa's Band - Love Thoughts Waltz (Trombone - Arthur Pryor)
Buffalo Bill - Sentiment On The Cuban Question
Columbia Orchestra - Charge Of Roosevelt's Rough Riders
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh Comments On The Spanish Question
Edison Concert Band - Medley Of War Songs
Chief trumpeter Cassi of Roosevelt's Rough Riders - Bugle Calls
Otto Mesloh - Tyrolienne
Russell Hunting - Casey As Umpire At A Ball Game
Columbia Orchestra - The Darkey's Dream
Ruby Brooks - The Darkies Dream (Banjo Solo)
T. De Witt Talmage - Sermon On The Mount
Frank C. Stanley - A Hundred Fathoms Deep
W. F. Hooley - Ingersoll At The Tomb Of Napoleon
F. Jardella - Spaghetti Polka
Dr. B. Sunderland - Lord's Prayer
Jennie Hoyle - Musin Mazurka
Unknown Performer, Possibly Russell Hunting - The Whores' Union
Joseph Pizzarello - Nocturne
Sandra Droucker - Etude In F-Sharp
Edison Symphony Orchestra - Donau Weibschen Waltz
W. F. Hooley - Talmage On 'Infidelity'
Sousa's Grand Concert Band - The Jolly Coppersmith
Frank S. Maziotta - Old Folks At Home
August P.Stengler - Old Folks At Home
John Terrell - Casey's Address To The G.A.R.
Otto Mesloh - Tyrolienne
Cousins & Demoss - Who Broke The Lock
Vess L. Ossman - Pretty Little Queen
The Greater New York Quartette - The Sleigh Ride Party

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Category: -- posted at: 11:34am EDT

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