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Unique Quartet - Mamma's Black Baby Boy
Louis Vasnier - Adam And Eve And De Winter Apple (Excerpt)
23rd Regiment Band Of New York - A.O.O.S. March
John York Atlee - Anvil Chorus
George J. Gaskin - After The Ball
Issler's Orchestra - On The Midway
Ada Jones - Sweet Marie
Unknown - Brown Wax Home Recording Of Speech In Afrikaans
Sergei Taneyev And Leo Conus - Leo Conus- Suite For Piano Four-Hands
Russell Hunting - Casey At The Bat
United States Marine Band - The Kiss Waltz
Arthur Houston - A Flute Solo
Edward M. Favor - The Commodore Song
George H. Diamond - When Summer Comes Again
John York Atlee - Why Should I Keep From Whistling?

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Includes these (and quite a bit more)


Add N to (X) - Ann's Eveready Equestrian
Why? - A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under
Chemical Brothers - Horse Power
Laid Back - White Horse
Señor Coconut - White Horse
Oneida - Wild Horses
Bat For Lashes - Horse and I
Bitcrush vs. Dryft - I Kick A Dead Horse
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Trick Pony
Sufjan Stevens - Year of the Horse
Quickspace - They Shoot Horse, Don't They?
Klaxons - Four Horsemen of 2012
Theo Beckford's Group - The Horse
Roy Rogers & Sons of the Pioneers - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
Charles Trenet - Vous Oubliez Votre Cheval
Patti Smith - Land - Part I: Horses
The Albion Band - Poor Old Horse

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The first of a few mixes intended to show the development of the Sheffield scene, made for Freaks, Mis-Shapes, Weeds -

1. The Future - 4JG

2. 2.3 - All Time Low

3. The Extras - Playback

4. The Human League - Being Boiled

5. Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag

6. Vive Versa - New Girls / Neutrons

7. Comsat Angels - Ju Ju Money

8. They Must Be Russians - Don't Try To Cure Yourself

9. Y - End of Act One

10. Clock DVA - Remain Remain (Live)

11. Artery - Into The Garden

Anyone interested in these songs should check out the DVD 'Made In Sheffield' and the book / CD 'Beats Working For A Living' by Martin Lilleker, both available from Sheffield Vision -

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Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog Ident This is the ident for Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog.
The podcast itself starts a week from today.

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--> Previous Episodes:

Numbers Breakfast The 1930s Year of the Rat Eighties Movies American Tour The Devil God South-East Asia Cats vs Dogs Robots Flying Summer England Sleep Worst Music Autumn BlipBlop Bush Era Year of the Ox Shopping


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