Len Spencer - Promotional Message On The Edison Phonograph (Extract 1) 0:00
Arthur Collins - Hello, Ma Baby 0:58
Len Spencer - Promotional Message On The Edison Phonograph (Extract 2) 3:26
Vess L. Ossman - Little Bit Of Everything 4:33
S. H. Dudley & Arthur Collins - Three Minutes With The Minstrels (Extract) 7:00
Edison Concert Band - Second Connecticut March 7:24
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh And The Lightning Rod Agent 8:53
Jean Moeremans And Jacques L. Van Poucke - Polka Variata 10:20
B. Russell Throckmorton - The White Man's Burden (Kipling) (Extract 1) 11.51
Anton Arensky - Arensky- An Der Quelle In A, Op. 46, No. 1 12.16
B. Russell Throckmorton - The White Man's Burden (Kipling) (Extract 2) 13:00
Columbia Orchestra - The Lime-Kiln Club 13:46
Edison Minstrels - Minstrel Potpourri (Extract 1) 16:27
Edison Quartette - Sunshine Will Come Again 16:39
Edison Minstrels - Minstrel Potpourri (Extract 2) 18:56
Will F. Denny - You Can't Think Of Everything 19:11
Billy Golden - Rabbit Hash (Extract) 20:08
A. L. Sweet - Arbucklenian Polka 20:16
Imperial Minstrels – Upon The Golden Shore (Extract) 21:39
Columbia Drum, Fife and Bugle Corps - the Girl I Left Behind Me 21:54
Peerless Orchestra - Admiral Dewey's Arrival In New York 22:47
Orchestra - The Mosquito Parade 23:49
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh At A Baseball Game 25:43
James C. Mcauliffe - Mrs. Mccloud's Reel 26:14
Peerless Orchestra - Ma Ragtime Baby 27:39
Len Spencer - Auction Sale-Household Goods (Extract 1) 29:44
Unidentified Barrel Organist - Street Piano Number Two 30:29
Len Spencer - Auction Sale-Household Goods (Extract 2) 31:55
Dan W Quinn - Glorious Beer 32:32
Len Spencer - Auction Sale-Household Goods (Extract 3) 33:34
W. C. Townsend - The Pixies 33:54
++William Jefferson (Len Spencer) - Cinderella (Extract 1) 35:43
Albert Benzler - Tell Me With Your Eyes Medley 36:25
++William Jefferson (Len Spencer) - Cinderella (Extract 2) 37:23
Jacques L. Van Poucke - Fantaisie Variée 38:02
++William Jefferson (Len Spencer) - Cinderella (Extract 3) 39:18
Joseph P. Cullen And William G. Collins - Twin Star March 40:11
+Sig. Adamini - Los Ojos Negros 41:26
Vess L. Ossman - Whistling Rufus 44:24
Peerless Orchestra. - Whistling Rufus 46:58
Roger Harding & Steve Porter - The Imperial Minstrels (Extract 1) 49:24
Joseph P. Cullen And William G. Collins - Twin Star March 49:38
May Kelso - Because 50:52
Roger Harding & Steve Porter - The Imperial Minstrels (Extract 2) 52:36
Jean Moeremans - The Little Speranza 52:53
George P. Watson - Snyder, Does Your Mother Know You're Out? 54:27
Orchestre Boldi - L'amour Et La Vie À Vienne 56:48
Unidentified Chimes - Home, Sweet Home 59:35

Direct download: 1899.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:43am EST

A. L. Sweet - Bugle Call
Vess L. Ossman - Bunch of Rags
Garrett A. Hobart - Words Of Welcome
Arthur Collins - Zizzy Ze Zum Zum
Harry Spencer - Side Show Shouter
Edison Brass Quartet - At A Georgia Camp Meeting
Dan W Quinn - At A Georgia Camp Meeting
Gilmore's Band - At A Georgia Camp Meeting
William Jennings Bryan - Crown Of Thorns And Cross Of Gold
George Rosey's Orchestra Of New York City - Cotillion March
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh On A Street Car
Sousa's Band - Love Thoughts Waltz (Trombone - Arthur Pryor)
Buffalo Bill - Sentiment On The Cuban Question
Columbia Orchestra - Charge Of Roosevelt's Rough Riders
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh Comments On The Spanish Question
Edison Concert Band - Medley Of War Songs
Chief trumpeter Cassi of Roosevelt's Rough Riders - Bugle Calls
Otto Mesloh - Tyrolienne
Russell Hunting - Casey As Umpire At A Ball Game
Columbia Orchestra - The Darkey's Dream
Ruby Brooks - The Darkies Dream (Banjo Solo)
T. De Witt Talmage - Sermon On The Mount
Frank C. Stanley - A Hundred Fathoms Deep
W. F. Hooley - Ingersoll At The Tomb Of Napoleon
F. Jardella - Spaghetti Polka
Dr. B. Sunderland - Lord's Prayer
Jennie Hoyle - Musin Mazurka
Unknown Performer, Possibly Russell Hunting - The Whores' Union
Joseph Pizzarello - Nocturne
Sandra Droucker - Etude In F-Sharp
Edison Symphony Orchestra - Donau Weibschen Waltz
W. F. Hooley - Talmage On 'Infidelity'
Sousa's Grand Concert Band - The Jolly Coppersmith
Frank S. Maziotta - Old Folks At Home
August P.Stengler - Old Folks At Home
John Terrell - Casey's Address To The G.A.R.
Otto Mesloh - Tyrolienne
Cousins & Demoss - Who Broke The Lock
Vess L. Ossman - Pretty Little Queen
The Greater New York Quartette - The Sleigh Ride Party

Direct download: 1898.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 11:34am EST

Direct download: 1897.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:31am EST

Imperial Minstrels - The Old Log Cabin
George W. Johnson - The Laughing Song
William McKinlley - Speech to Republican Convention
Vess L. Ossman - The Stars and Stripes Forever
George Graham - Talk on Money
Columbia Orchestra - Virginia Skedaddle
W.O. Beckenbaugh - Sale of Toys, Dolls and So Forth on Christmas Eve Night
Steve Clemens - Darkys Patrol
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh's Trip to Coney Island (Excerpt 1)
Brand's Concert Band - Chimes of Normandy
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh's Trip to Coney Island (Excerpt 2)
Empire State Concert Band - Belle of New York March
Bill Nye - On Tripe
William Paris Chambers - The Seraph
Josef Hofmann - Wagner-Brassin- Magic Fire Music From Die Walküre
John Terrell - a Few Words in Regard to Drinking
Gilmore's Band - Grand March From Tannhauser
Russell Hunting - Casey at the Telephone (Excerpt 1)
Dan W. Quinn - Still His Whiskers Grew
Russell Hunting - Casey at the Telephone (Excerpt 2)
Edison Concert Band - Ouverture to 'Der Tambour Der Garde'
Russell Hunting - I Wonder Why
United States Marine Band - the Directorate March
Len Spencer - Sale of Pawnbroker's Goods ('by Harry Spencer')
Peerless Orchestra - Yankee Doodle Dandy Lancers
Sousa's Band - The Darkie's Temptation
George Graham - Street Fakir
Dorothy Hoyle - La Cinquantaine
Len Spencer - My Gal is a High Born Lady

Direct download: 1896.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:16pm EST

Direct download: 1895.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:54pm EST

Direct download: 1894a.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:11pm EST

Unique Quartet - Mamma's Black Baby Boy
Louis Vasnier - Adam And Eve And De Winter Apple (Excerpt)
23rd Regiment Band Of New York - A.O.O.S. March
John York Atlee - Anvil Chorus
George J. Gaskin - After The Ball
Issler's Orchestra - On The Midway
Ada Jones - Sweet Marie
Unknown - Brown Wax Home Recording Of Speech In Afrikaans
Sergei Taneyev And Leo Conus - Leo Conus- Suite For Piano Four-Hands
Russell Hunting - Casey At The Bat
United States Marine Band - The Kiss Waltz
Arthur Houston - A Flute Solo
Edward M. Favor - The Commodore Song
George H. Diamond - When Summer Comes Again
John York Atlee - Why Should I Keep From Whistling?

Direct download: 1893.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:42pm EST

Direct download: 1892.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:53pm EST

Direct download: 1891.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:07pm EST

Direct download: 1890.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:04pm EST

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